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R&D Projects

Four themes new international RD projects! :

Identification of skills among international clusters able to overcome technological obstacles. Among the 200 foodstuff clusters identified worldwide, 40 were selected as being of potential interest to the three French clusters that make up F2C Innovation. The database grows regularly thanks to trade delegations abroad, conventions, and trade shows.
Structuring a network of clusters
Following evaluation, 15 clusters form 9 different countries decided to form a network: WoFIN (World Food Innovation Network). Its primary objective is to foster collaborative projects.
Organisational issues were resolved through the creation of 17 workgroups which, in time, will produce international collaborative R&D projects. Some of these projects will be submitted in calls for European projects. project
The European Technological Partnership created by Valorial, Vitagora, and Agrimip Innovation is co-financed by the DGCIS.
Its aim is to raise awareness and mobilise food industry SMBs to participate in European R&D projects by running awareness raising events, suggesting partnerships, and support in designing the project.
Since the F2C-EU project was launched in December 2010, two regional SMBs have joined European consortiums in the KBBE 2011 call for projects.