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A different kind of animal nutrition

Based in Sautron, Idena specialises in the assessment and engineering of animal nutrition.
The company has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy to design animal nutrition that differs from the norm, as well as to improve technical and financial performance while constantly producing quality food products for different industrial sectors (food manufacturers, food industry sectors, etc.)
Idena is:
- A team of multilingual veterinary consultants and engineers who are specialists in different business areas (technology transfer, practical support, innovation)
- A profession: animal nutrition assessment and engineering, with bespoke services (audit, consultancy, technology transfer, technical support, innovative sectors and products)
- Outward looking and internationally active in over 25 countries worldwide, through food industry subsidiaries.
(food manufacturers, animal breeders, retail, food industry)
- Constant quest for innovation and food safety
To provide different business sectors (farmers, food industry, etc.) and consumers with healthy, high-quality and safe food.
- Independence through an international network strategy.
(R&D, technology, raw materials, universities, research centres)

Stefano Toselli

Ready made pasta meals

Stéfano Toselli is a SME in Normandy that specialises in producing fresh and frozen pasta ready meals (a range of lasagne and cannelloni recipes). Previously belonging to Roue d’Ange, then Schwans France, Stéfano Toselli took over the factory in 2010.
Over the years, the factory has grown to cover and area of 15,000m² with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tonnes.
The company mainly sells fresh products (83%), with 72% of its sales going to exports. Its products are available in a variety of formats (single portion to family size) and available in supermarkets and restaurants, often under the retailer’s brand but also under its own brand.
The company mainly exports to Europe, and wants to emphasise this market, particuarly through a Joint Venture with a Polish factory to take its products to Eastern Europe.
Stéfano Toselli has been a member of Valorial since 2011, to “join the dynamism offered by the Valorial network” and take advantage of the monitoring services provided by the sector commissions and newsletters. “For us, Valorial is an effective way to avoid isolation and to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, just as large groups with dedicated monitoring departments are able to. It is also an opportunity to participate in joint R&D projects”, explains Amélie Giger-Bernard, R&D Manager


Traditional flavours

Tallec is a purveyor of cured meats that employs a team of 175. For over 60 years they have made cooked meats renowned for their delicious flavour.
In addition to their closely-guarded production processes, Tallec uses fresh meat, including Label Rouge pork, and natural ingredients (vegetables, onions, parsley, untreated milk, spices, etc.). Tallec mixes its pâtés by hand in stoneware dishes to improve the absorption of flavours. Our traditional hams are matured slowly, handmade and salted, then cloth-wrapped and slowly cooked with their bones in a vegetable stock...
In their standard ranges (hams, traditional terrines, garnished meats), seasonal products (terrines of game terrine, terrine with mushrooms, spring terrine, etc), or Christmas specials (ballotines, stuffed poultry, white pudding, etc.), Tallec always applies the same industrial craftsmanship.
Tallec is present in every corner of France, French overseas territories, and even in several European countries.


Less salt in our food!


Nutrionix is a Rennes-based start-up that supports food industry stakeholders seeking to reduce salt content and improve the nutritional balance of their products.
Lower salt content in foods, as recommended by the French Food Safety Agency’s National Health and Nutrition Programme, is a pressing public health issue.
After fat and sugar, salt is the third food industry revolution”, confirms Nutrionix’s CEO, Jean-Luc Treillou.
Based in Rennes Atalante Champeaux, Nutrionix plans to recruit around 15 new employees by the end of 2012. The company has just raised €4m in investments with shares being purchased by Seventure Partners, SHAM insurance, and Business Angels.


Nutrionix has developed an innovative range of Ksalt essential mineral mixes that help reduce the quantity of salt used in processed foods, when cooking or as a seasoning. Ksalt mixes are designed to replace most of the salt in a wide range of foods (baked goods, cooked meats, soups, etc.) while leaving taste unchanged or even improved, without bitterness or aftertaste!

The Nutrionix range balances mineral content and improves the nutritional profile of foods. Ksalt ad-hoc ionic solutions enable food to bear “health benefits” such as “Low salt, Reduced salt, Rich in potassium, etc.”, which have proved very attractive to consumers due to the perceived high added nutritional value. The range consists of 25 products, already used in 80 food products.

“For Nutrionix, membership of Valorial is first and foremost an opportunity to work with one of the most credible stakeholders in Health Nutrition, in line with the company’s strategic positioning (reducing Sodium in food). It is also an opportunity to join a dynamic network in partnership with Valorial, and access customised support services that range from monitoring and financial engineering, to help launching a product. It is for all of these reasons that we decided to move our company headquarters to Rennes, where we also received support from IDEA35”. Jean-Luc Treillou, Nutrionix CEO


Traiteur de la Touques

The specialist in all forms of prepared vegetables

TRAITEUR DE LA TOUQUES, formerly Salaisons de la Touques est. 1959, a specialist in prepared salads for caterers for over 10 years.
They produce 13,000 tonnes of salads every year, using vegetables, cooked meats, and seafood.
Their dishes are packaged in plastic tubs of 200g to 2.5kg.
The company belongs to the Mousquetaires group, has 110 employees, and distributes its products to supermarkets and restaurants.
TRAITEUR DE LA TOUQUES’ goal is to be recognised as a dynamic, creative, and innovative company in the prepared vegetables sector. With their finger always on the pulse of market and consumer trends, the company regularly develops new concepts in the prepared vegetable sector, the most recent being a new range of precooked vegetables to be heated in the microwave or in a pan; a range that meets consumer requirements in terms of practicality, nutritional content and flavour, while also fulfilling the objectives of the National Nutrition and Health Plan.

“We have been a member of the Valorial ‘foods of the future’ competition cluster since 2009 and are very satisfied. They have kept all of their promises (partnership, training, information, discussion, funding, etc.). At Valorial, they add value, promote and nourish our work with a range of common objectives and resources, all while displaying the utmost professionalism and friendly service. Joining Valorial allows you to your consolidate and grow your business.”

Hubert Drieu la Rochelle, CEO