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Stefano Toselli :

Ready made pasta meals

Stéfano Toselli is a SME in Normandy that specialises in producing fresh and frozen pasta ready meals (a range of lasagne and cannelloni recipes). Previously belonging to Roue d’Ange, then Schwans France, Stéfano Toselli took over the factory in 2010.
Over the years, the factory has grown to cover and area of 15,000m² with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tonnes.
The company mainly sells fresh products (83%), with 72% of its sales going to exports. Its products are available in a variety of formats (single portion to family size) and available in supermarkets and restaurants, often under the retailer’s brand but also under its own brand.
The company mainly exports to Europe, and wants to emphasise this market, particuarly through a Joint Venture with a Polish factory to take its products to Eastern Europe.
Stéfano Toselli has been a member of Valorial since 2011, to “join the dynamism offered by the Valorial network” and take advantage of the monitoring services provided by the sector commissions and newsletters. “For us, Valorial is an effective way to avoid isolation and to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, just as large groups with dedicated monitoring departments are able to. It is also an opportunity to participate in joint R&D projects”, explains Amélie Giger-Bernard, R&D Manager