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Traiteur de la Touques :

The specialist in all forms of prepared vegetables

TRAITEUR DE LA TOUQUES, formerly Salaisons de la Touques est. 1959, a specialist in prepared salads for caterers for over 10 years.
They produce 13,000 tonnes of salads every year, using vegetables, cooked meats, and seafood.
Their dishes are packaged in plastic tubs of 200g to 2.5kg.
The company belongs to the Mousquetaires group, has 110 employees, and distributes its products to supermarkets and restaurants.
TRAITEUR DE LA TOUQUES’ goal is to be recognised as a dynamic, creative, and innovative company in the prepared vegetables sector. With their finger always on the pulse of market and consumer trends, the company regularly develops new concepts in the prepared vegetable sector, the most recent being a new range of precooked vegetables to be heated in the microwave or in a pan; a range that meets consumer requirements in terms of practicality, nutritional content and flavour, while also fulfilling the objectives of the National Nutrition and Health Plan.

“We have been a member of the Valorial ‘foods of the future’ competition cluster since 2009 and are very satisfied. They have kept all of their promises (partnership, training, information, discussion, funding, etc.). At Valorial, they add value, promote and nourish our work with a range of common objectives and resources, all while displaying the utmost professionalism and friendly service. Joining Valorial allows you to your consolidate and grow your business.”

Hubert Drieu la Rochelle, CEO