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Financial consulting

Key step of financing plan
Key step of financing plan  

97% of industrial projets approved by Valorial got public funding

Financial engineering

Once the scientific and technical content of your project has been decided, the project partners should estimate their participation in the project in line with the predicted expenditure :
> human resources
> material resources
> functioning
> services
Valorial helps you to identify all of the costs to expect as part of a collaborative R&D project and to optimise the resulting financial plan.
With our experience with the balance sheets of numerous successful projects, we can tell you that the cost of the project is often underestimated, and that we are able help you to accurately estimate the finances of your project.
Furthermore, depending on your partner profiles (businesses, research centres, training institutions, etc.), their size (very small businesses, SMBs, Groups), or even the potential financial backers, the amount of financial assistance you may receive can vary.
Valorial therefore works closely with your project partners to present an optimum financial profile to public funding bodies.
After certifying your project, Valorial presents it to public funding bodies and, depending upon the type of project (fundamental research, industrial research, experimental development), it is evaluated for State funding by the most pertinent organisation.
Valorial is a preferred contact of the State and can help you to meet their requirements.