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Call for Projects

More sources of suitable funding! :

atrick Blondeau (Nova CHILD) et Jean-Luc Perrot (Valorial)

A range of possibilities exist for innovative projects to find the most suitable funding.

In addition to local authority funding, your project may fulfil the conditions for calls for projects with dedicated funding.

> Brief overview of national calls for projects (list not exhaustive) :

FUI : The Unique Interministerial Fund finances collaborative and innovative research and development projects (development of products or services able to reach the market in the short- or medium-term).
Investments for the future :
- Structural R&D projects : to structure industrial sectors or to assist the emergence of new ones, and to consolidate the position of French businesses in promising markets. Their budget is generally between €8m and €50m.
- Mutualised innovation platforms : designed to offer mutualised resources (equipment, personnel, and associated services), mainly to members of certifying competition clusters, SMBs in particular.
French National Research Agency :
- Themes projects based on predefined scientific or technological challenges for finalised research projects.
- Open to projects from a broad range of disciplines with the goal of furthering knowledge in a given field. These calls for projects leave researchers a lot of freedom. Submitted projects deal with issues in fundamental research.
Valorial-Nova CHILD call for proposals : “Developing food products for children”

> International calls for projects (list not exhaustive) :