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Objective: maximum security of information! :

 Maximum security of information!

The emergence of competition clusters has been accompanied by an unprecedented inventory of the available technological resources on a national level. Before the clusters were opened, this inventory of cutting edge sectors increased their exposure to competition, especially from abroad.

Aware of the innovative, strategic, and sometimes critical nature of the work carried out within competition clusters that produces sensitive information, the French Ministry of the Interior began its first experimentation with economic security for competition clusters in 2006, with Valorial being a pilot cluster.

Since day one, Valorial has applied a strict information security procedure :

- all Valorial staff who are aware of your project (sector managers or area delegates, project engineers, certification staff) have signed a confidentiality agreement
- members of the Certification Committee are not taken from industry, and so present no conflicts of interest

Valorial requests that the project partners use levels of confidentiality so that they can compile information materials that contain an appropriate level of information for the intended audience :

> Critical : a highly detailed document intended for project partners, used to assess the project accurately (human resources, hardware, operations, services)
> Sensitive : an extract of the critical document that contains information which, if shared with unauthorised third parties, could result in significant delays to the project (disclosure of key information, acquired knowledge, target customers, etc.) or result in reorienting the project in question. Sensitive documents are intended for members of the Certification Committee.
> Restricted : this is an extract of the sensitive document, and includes technical, economic, and strategic project data that meets the financial backers’ requirements (local, regional, national, European, etc.). This sensitive document is intended for members of the Investors’ Committee.

Valorial provides a secure communication platform upon request to that you can communicate with peace of mind.