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Example of an industrial project amounting to 400.000
Example of an industrial project amounting to 400.000  

Projet leader, SME : 200.000 € = 50% of aid or100.000 €

Industrial partner, Group : 125.000 € = 30% of aid or 37.500 €

Research partner : 75.000€ of which 50.000 € of additional cost = 100% of help or 50.000 €

In this example, for a project amounting to 400.000 €, public founders can contribute to a financial aid of 222.000€

Funding sources and mechanisms

Once Valorial has approved your project at one of the monthly meetings of the Certification Committee, your project is presented to the Investors’ Committee that is made up of public finance stakeholders.

The type of funding and the mechanisms through which it is awarded vary between sources. We provide you with individual support when designing your project in order to provide you with the information you need on the assistance (subsidies) available to you.
A subsidised project may also benefit from Research Tax Credits.

We are able to give a broad outline of the available financial mechanisms according to the size and type of project partner involved :

Businesses :
> SMB : 40% - 50%
> Groups : 25% - 40%
Research centres :
> 100% of extra costs or 40% of total cost.