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Frédéric NOTEL

Project Manager & Pays de la Loire Delegate

Territorial animation, emergence and setting up of innovative projects

Mob : +33 (0)7 86 24 18 67
Valorial delegation – Pays de la Loire
Technocampus Alimentation
2 Impasse Thérèse Bertrand-Fontaine – Site de la Géraudière
44323 Nantes cedex 3

My missions

  • Listening to you to support you in the development of your innovations
  • Setting up and engineering innovative projects
  • Valorial delegation in the Pays de la Loire region

My passions in life

  • I master the second or third degree, or more if I have the affinity
  • I am expert at imagining more or less complex solutions to more or less mundane problems
  • I don’t like when things drag on when they shouldn’t
  • I like to help people think bigger


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