HR innovation for the food industry

This recruitment and HR consultancy firm specialising in food and life sciences has been a member of the Partners Club since 2017. Interview with Cécile Boulaire, consultant and Associate General Manager.

What is your core business and the markets you target?

ManageriA is an HR and recruitment consultancy specialising in the agri-food sector. For 30 years, we have been involved from upstream to downstream.

Today, we are involved in technical, specialist, managerial and executive recruitment (R&D/Quality, Production, Supply Chain – Sales & Marketing). Our assignments are international in 30 to 40% of cases because we support our clients, SMEs, ETIs or Groups, in their export development.

In order to meet all our clients’ needs, we have diversified our HR solutions. Thus, thanks to dedicated resources, we also assist companies in recruiting their interns or young graduates for entry-level positions ( In emergency situations or for very specific needs, we are also able to identify and qualify interim managers for strategic functions.

In order to provide more specific support to the players in the sector, we offer professional coaching in collaboration with 3 certified coaches.

Our approach as a specialised consultancy enables us to organise meetings on HR and recruitment issues in our business lines for the players in our sector.

We currently support more than 300 active clients on confidential or extended assignments (including advertisements) and have a strong database of 65,000 candidates.)

Finally, in 2021 we have entered into a strategic alliance with the recruitment and consultancy firm SYNOVIVO Consulting – a specialist in the world of agriculture and biotechnology. This alliance will be articulated in 2 Business Units which will allow us to unite our expertise, with an organisation defined by the expectations of the market and the players throughout the sector, “from field to plate”.

Why did you choose to become a member of the Valorial Partners Club?

The links between Valorial and ManageriA go back a long way. Stéphane Hervé, Senior Consultant at ManageriA and previously Marketing Manager at the Doux group, was a member of Valorial’s Marketing Innovation Committee for 4 years and has always maintained close contact with the teams. In addition, ManageriA counts a number of Valorial members among its most loyal clients and, as a recruitment specialist in the agri-food sector, it seemed natural to us to be a partner of the sector’s leading competitiveness cluster.

The “HR and Food Sectors” event organised jointly by Valorial and ABEA in July 2019 was an opportunity for ManageriA to discuss with HR decision-makers from our sectors the role of this function in the development of HR strategies aimed at promoting innovation and moving away from a purely short-term vision. The discussions were fascinating, all in a warm and thought-provoking atmosphere. As Partners of Valorial, we were able to take the floor with Marc Bergeon, then HR Director of Daunat, to talk about the need for our companies to open up to the recruitment of managers from sectors other than agri-food. This is an essential approach today to overcome the shortage of profiles, but also and above all to encourage innovation, whether it is purely “product” or managerial.

On this occasion, Valorial proved that the network could be extended to HR functions in the agri-food industry and we thank them for this, as we were able to strengthen our position as experts in recruitment in the agri-food industry.

What is your vision of innovation, especially in HR? What place do you give it in your company?

For us, innovation is a success factor, especially within our sector. In concrete terms, we can see a link between innovation and recruitment: where there is innovation, there is recruitment.

We therefore support our clients, both in auditing the situations they encounter, defining their skills needs and in finding the best profiles.

In terms of our business as recruiters, we place innovation at the heart of our approach. Thus, for the past 10 years, we have been developing or implementing the most effective and ethical digital solutions adapted to our business.

Our objective is to guarantee our clients and the candidates we accompany the best possible quality of service while focusing on the added value of our business, i.e. the human and professional encounter. In this sense, we favour collaborative solutions and have developed our own monitoring and sourcing tools and search algorithms. We see innovation as being at the service of recruitment and a means of being ever closer to our markets.


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Cécile Boulaire - MANAGERIA
Consultant - Associate General Manager

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