Goûters Magiques

The French leader in industrial pastries, Goûters Magiques employs more than 680 people who work every day to create delicacies for everyone. Goûters Magiques has 3 brands: Armor Délices, Le Ster and Whaou! On the occasion of their membership of Valorial, we met Manuella Bellec, Innovation Project Coordinator. #Welcome

What is your core business and the markets you target?

Goûters Magiques is one of the French leaders in industrial pastries. It is a group with more than 680 employees who work together on a daily basis to create delicacies for everyone. The group is present in several distribution networks: in supermarkets and out-of-home catering in France and abroad.

Goûters Magiques was created in 2008 and today unites the companies Armor Délices, Faure, Gaillard Pâtissier and Le Ster, which all share a family history, recognised pastry-making expertise, an appetite for innovation and a strong interest in the area in which they operate.

The group’s brands have also contributed to revolutionising the snack, for example by inventing filled crêpes (Whaou!) or long madeleines (Le Ster).


What is your activity at the moment and/or in the coming weeks/months?

Goûters Magiques has been awarded the Engagé RSE label and is committed to the environment, the community and to reconciling pleasure and nutrition. These three commitments are found in all our businesses, particularly in the area of innovation with our packaging and nutritional progress plans. They are our guiding principles for imagining the pastries of tomorrow and meeting new consumer expectations by reinventing ourselves to optimise nutrition, environmental impact and supply.

In this respect, we have just launched a new range of madeleines Sorties du Four by Le Ster, which reflects all our commitments. The brand is innovating and reinventing the madeleine shell, the emblematic product of the pastry department, with the birth of a new concept: Sorties du Four, with vanilla and fresh milk recipes, reduced in sugar, made in France and with recyclable paper packaging. Combining pleasure and better eating is the commitment of the Sorties du Four concept, which offers a new generation of simple and tasty madeleines.

Why did you join Valorial?

We are convinced that innovation is nourished by exchanges and synergies between different players in the food industry. So, joining Valorial gives us access to its network of experts in the Grand Ouest region, to its support in terms of innovation, and also to broaden our technological, technical and marketing watch.

Working in a network is a real asset!

At Goûters Magiques, we have been deploying a culture of collaboration for several years and are interested in expanding it with other partners, as part of our CSR approach.

What is your vision of innovation and/or what place do you give to innovation within your company?

Innovation is a process that requires sustained dialogue and close cooperation with our stakeholders in order to propose a differentiated, accessible and valued offer.

Innovation means meeting new consumer expectations and reinventing ourselves to optimise nutrition, environmental impact, supply, etc. It is above all a state of mind: wanting the best to be as close as possible to consumers.

At Goûters Magiques, innovation is at the heart of our DNA. In an impulse market such as ours, the need to regularly renew children’s snacks is one of the keys to entry and therefore drives us to a sustained pace of innovation.


Manuella Bellec - Goûters Magiques
Innovation Project Coordinator

+33 (0)6 75 38 31 51