[AHFES Project] Mapping the innovation ecosystem in healthy food and lifestyles in the European Atlantic Area

2 septembre 2020 par Blandine Fortin

As partner of a European project called AHFES, Valorial had the responsibility to analyse the different regional ecosystems dedicated to Healthy Food and Lifestyles within the European Atlantic Area, and more precisely in the following areas: Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, Western France, Centro and Lisbon (Portugal), Galicia and Pais Vasco (Spain).

First of all, the study consists in realizing the inventory of the 4H actors particularly involved in Healthy Food across the 4 helixes of Industry, Government, Academia and Citizens. These actors may work/have worked on product modifications to make them healthier, work with healthy products by nature (vegetables), develop sustainable products, or contribute to promote a healthier diet and lifestyle, including physical activity.

Secondly, it reviews how these 4 helices are represented in the European Atlantic Area on the theme of Healthy Food & Lifestyles, and the relative dominance of each of the helices. The connections between the helices are also explored and illustrated with examples of cooperation across the studied regions.

After studying the different ways of cooperation between the 4 helices, this new analysis gives an overview of the European innovation ecosystem and makes a particular focus on citizen participation dynamics in the food innovation processes.

If you want to know more about this interesting study, you will find:

  • The consolidated excel file, a real directory of the European Atlantic Area innovation ecosystem : Download here
  • The global analysis of this European innovation ecosystem: Download here