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Join Valorial and its network of 400 members, 1,000+ organisations and 10,000 innovation players, contacts and potential partners, and enjoy:

  • An array of entirely personalised services to accompany you from idea to market, whether provided by Valorial itself or “augmented” services with complementary input of expertise from members of the Partner Club.
  • Support in setting up your R&D projects, including European projects (identification of research partners, industry firms, consortium agreements, etc.), within a secure system which guarantees the confidentiality of your project information.
  • Financial engineering to optimise your project’s funding plan and your chances of receiving specific public funding.
  • Access to numerous events, which represent valuable sources of information, market intelligence, contacts, discussions and inspiration for the development of new projects: Valorial’Morning, Valorial’Connection, Valorial’Project, at EstiValorial
  • Thematic intelligence tools in the fields of: “Science  &  technologies”, “Nutrition & health” and “Food trends”, “Focal points” and “thematic zooms”, “International”, “Trends and markets”.
  • A secure collaborative platform to manage your innovation projects.
  • Access to the Member area, with a private directory of cluster members, a publications area, calendar, etc.
  • The promotion of your products and know-how in optimal conditions at trade shows, congresses and other national and international events.



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Valérie BAUDEUX - Member Relations & Management Assistant
Services for members, event logistics, happiness officer
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Catherine MERLET - Business Development Manager
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Innovation is a priority and we will make better and faster progress thanks to the competitiveness cluster’s networks, links between industrial firms, intelligence tools, etc. which promote idea sharing and partnerships. We’ll feel less isolated! We believe that joining Valorial could be useful to meet other players in our sector with whom we can implement collaborative projects and work on more ambitious long term projects.

Edith Giffard, Associate Director, Giffard

Edith Giffard, Associate Director, Giffard

We renewed our Valorial membership this year without hesitation as all the conferences we were able to attend were very interesting and enriching. It is a way for us to open up to the outside world and to build a network of experts. We are confident that innovation will arise through collaborative work with external partners.

Hélène Person, Innovation & Brands Manager, Biocoop