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Based in the heart of Europe’s leading agri-food area, Valorial is an agri-food competitiveness cluster catering for north-west France. Valorial’s scope extends across the 3 regions – Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Normandy – and brings together 390 industrial firms, research centres and higher education establishments, to focus on developing smarter food.

Our core purpose

To identify, set up and support innovative, collaborative R&D projects, in 6 cross-cutting areas of innovation:

  • Water, climate, soil
  • Farms & factories operationnal excellence
  • Food supply for better eating
  • Sustainable plant & animal production
  • Biomass full valorisation
  • Innovative food uses & services

Our chain of personalised services:
from idea to market, pick and mix from our menu

  • Consultancy services for project set-up, including European projects
  • Networking & Partner search: regional, national, European, international
  • Consultancy on innovation strategy and management
  • Specialised intelligence: “Sustainable agricultural production”, “New technologies & operational performance in agri-agro”, “Demand & supply for better eating”, Focus & thematic zoom
  • Project management assistance
  • Promotion and communication of your innovative projects & services

Our missions

  • Making smarter food a unifying value: healthy, responsible, convenient, connected, personalised
  • Connecting businesses and research partners
  • Stimulating and facilitating the emergence of collaborative projects
  • Building and managing a community committed to smart foods

Our strengths

  • A stakeholder community with a shared commitment to strong, consistent values
  • A legitimacy based on the region’s specificities and recognised expertise
  • A recognised identity built on successful projects

For whom? Guests at the table

> All agri-food companies and players, from production to consumption, from micro-businesses to multinationals, not forgetting start-ups:

  • Manufacturers of foods, ingredients, consumer food products
  •  Equipment suppliers
  •  Packaging industry

> Public & private innovation partners

What’s in the pot?

The projects approved by Valorial receive public co-funding.
The technical development of each project draws on the skills of the Valorial team and thematic experts from our support network: ADRIA Développement, Breizpack, CBB Capbiotek, CEVA, CTCPA, ID2Santé, IDmer, Vegenov, Zoopôle Développement.

We’ll provide the right ingredients, you invent the recipe!


Panorama of the agri-food industries in the French regions : key figures

Brittany (2021) (FR)
Interactive maps : agri-food in Brittany (2018/2020)

Normandy (2021) (FR)

Pays de la Loire (2021) (FR)


Valorial in numbers

A network & community of 1,000+ organisations and 10,000 innovation players
600 innovation projects completed since 2006
1,500+ industry partners and researchers involved in projects
85 % of industry projects funded
2,000 participants at events organised by Valorial in 2022



including 2/3 in industry


Innovation projects

supported by the cluster since its creation in 2006

1 Md

Invested in R&D

by 31/12/2021

10000 +

Innovation players

& potential partners

Dream Team Valorial 2023

La dream team

A team who really know their onions! With complementary profiles and experiences, they are committed to offering you a top quality service tailored to your innovation challenges.

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Sharing our values!

These values have been part of Valorial’s DNA ever since its inception and we apply them on a daily basis.
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