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Find out about our actions and services geared towards boosting your international development: a world of innovation at your fingertips to expand your network, your projects and your business! Bank on the winning combination: innovation AND international!


Valorial has built its international strategy on 4 main goals to achieve a shared ambition: to enhance business competitiveness through innovation!

  • Identify and organise networks of scientific and technological skills
  • Boost worldwide visibility of the cluster and its members, contribute to the business gains of supported projects
  • Promote project conception and set up collaborative projects, establish scientific and technological cooperation
  • Make the cluster a territorial marketing tool to enhance the regions’ attractiveness
  • Make the cluster a territorial marketing tool to enhance the regions’ attractiveness

Draw on our network

> Learning expeditions abroad

  • These trips, with prior assessment of visits, offer the opportunity to create international ties, but also local ties with fellow participants. In certain cases, specific funding is available (Business France/Direction Générale des Entreprises, regional council’s international department…).

> Project detection and partner identification

  • Through our European and international networks (ANIA, CLUB SULLY, AFPC, HUB EUROPE Pays de la Loire, Réseau Noé, EEN, …).
  • Partnering Opportunities Database (offers & requests/Research & Technology & Sales), 6,000 opportunities across all sectors of activity, from all 66 countries covered by the Enterprise Europe Network).

> Access to networking platforms/B2B events

  • CFIA, VITAFOODS and other international trade shows in partnership with our network of international clusters, EEN…

Put your know-how in the spotlight!

> Hosting foreign delegations

  • Unprecedented opportunities to communicate about your services and products
  • Organised in partnership with our ecosystem: Regions, development agencies, Bretagne Commerce International, Food Loire, AREA, …

> Facilitated access to trade shows abroad

  • Assistance with booking, special offers (booths, books, etc.)
  • Participation in pitching sessions
  • Access to funding: European projects, partnerships with organisers

> Joint promotion

  • Through Valorial’s presence at trade shows, conferences, congresses, etc.: specialised communication, development of local networks…
  • Through Valorial’s involvement in European and international projects

Spot good opportunities!

> Information flow collected through projects and the network

  • International focus in our newsletter “Live by Valorial”
  • Dissemination of developments through European R&D projects…

> Reminder of European calls for proposals

> Information meetings and working groups

  • Aim: to boost expertise through European projects

Get involved in European projects

> Qualification and guidance by our teams

> Search for qualified partners

  • Through interclustering and networks

> Support from our teams

  • Reviewing, setting up, seeking competent private and public partners

> Lobbying

  • Through our networks of clusters, National Contact Points in Europe (NCPs), National Working Groups (NWGs), partnerships with regions…

News & calendar

International partnership missions / innovation tours 2019-2020:

> São Paulo + Porto Alegre (Brazil): 4th to 8th November 2019 
Food Ingredients South America (
>> More infos

Former 2019 missions: 

> Shangai/Xiamen (China): 12th to 17th May 2019
Programme of visits in Xiamen followed by a visit to SIAL China, Asia’s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition (

> San Francisco/Chicago (USA): from 17th to 22nd March 2019
Programme of visits in Chicago with the possibility of an extension to the Future Food-Tech show in San Francisco (

Other events:

> Save the date! International networking / CFIA 2020 – 10th to 12th March – Rennes


Adrienne GENTIL - International Project Manager
International development, exploratory expeditions, foreign trade shows, European projects
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This type of tightly focused group trip is very valuable, especially when several professionals are involved. A very good choice of destination for the pork industry and an excellently organised trip. We established quality business contacts.  Thanks to Valorial, we were able to access high-level contacts at DMRI which would no doubt not have been possible otherwise. Without this opportunity, we would most likely not have gone ahead with this trip.

A member from the pork industry

This was our company’s first ever exploratory trip. It was an intense experience and extremely rich with numerous unexpected opportunities.

A Nutrition R&D Engineer member from the dairy sector