Our innovation support services

From idea to market, take your pick from the menu!
Our team will work hand-in-hand with you on a daily basis, providing an array of “à la carte” services, from shared to tailor-made, to meet your innovation challenges.
There is only one prerequisite: being a member of the Valorial network! And one watchword: confidentiality across the board!

Click on the diagram below to learn about our services at each key stage in the innovation process!


Our ingredients

  • Networking: regional, national, European, international
  • Consultancy services for project set-up: finding partners, identifying funding sources, calls for proposals, technical assessments…
  • Consultancy on innovation strategy and management: project germination, audit of your innovation processes…
  • Stimulation and Intelligence: Valorial’Morning, Valorial’Connection, “Science  &  technologies”, “Food trends”, “Nutrition & health”, “Focal points & thematic zooms”, Learning expeditions abroad, etc.
  • Project management support
  • Promotion and communication on your innovative projects and services: trade shows in France and abroad, media relations, etc.
  • “Augmented” services with the members of the Partner Club: funding, digital strategy, industrial property, HR, etc.

How does it work?

  • Join

    Join a community in motion: 330 industrial members and researchers, 600+ organisations, 3,000+ innovators, a wealth of contacts and potential partners to develop your innovation projects and your business.

  • Enjoy a range of shared services

    Our selection: unlimited stimulation and networking, to be consumed to excess, to inject impetus and centre your innovation projects.

  • Access personalised services

    Pick and mix: advice and support tailored to improve your innovation practices, whatever the stage of maturity of your business in this field.

Key figures

Key Figures Valorial 12-2018