Setting up your innovative, collaborative agri-food project

Whatever the stage of maturity and organisation of your innovation project, our team can support you in its set-up, whether you need to go back to stage one or simply do some tweaking.

With us there is no one cure-all solution but rather a selection of well-mastered basic ingredients to enhance your projects’ chances of success.

Benefit from our 16 years of experience in supporting over 400 collaborative projects with one watchword: confidentiality across the board!


Consultancy services for collaborative project set-up

Every collaborative project is first and foremost a human adventure.

> Building the project consortium:  

  • Activation of the Valorial network at different scales (from local to international)
  • Partner identification: find the right partner or become one!

> Technical engineering, ongoing support and organisational tools:

  • Running of working meetings with the members of the consortium
  • Organisation and coordination of the work plan alongside the project leader
  • Provision of tools to help build and draft the project: project presentation template (technical appendix), financial appendices, etc.
  • Referrals to experts: technical, scientific, market…
  • Advice on establishing a consortium agreement
  • Provision of a secure platform to ensure confidential exchanges

Project approval

More than simply a stamp of approval, this stage in our process guarantees the quality of the Valorial support service and the relevance of your innovation project.
Our endorsement gains recognition for your project from your teams, clients, partners and funders.

2 key stages:

> Drafting of an assessment report by one of our experts specialised in the field

> Presentation to the Approval Committee, dubbed “CoLab”:

  • 10 committee meetings a year
  • 1 group of 12 independent experts
  • In-depth examination and screening of projects
  • Valorial approval granted (or refused)

Nos labellisateurs


Seeking funding

Once your project has been granted approval, knock at the right doors!

> Up-to-date information on funding sources: regional, national, European

Our pro-active team works with you from the onset and even prior to project approval, to ensure your project meets the eligibility criteria for potential funding sources. Maximise your chances of obtaining funding!

> Funding Committee, dubbed “CoFi”: 5 committee meetings a year 

Once approval has been granted, the appropriate funding source is confirmed or identified. This committee screens and examines projects in depth, from a point of view of economic development (job and value creation) and territorial development (dynamics).

European projects in the spotlight

Upscale your innovation projects to European level and gain access to specific funding!

Build on our expertise and the influence of our European network developed for the past 10 years:

> Awareness-raising and stimulation: draw on our involvement in European projects to develop your own networks on a European and international scale:

  • Exclusive, shared information flows
  • Trade show vouchers
  • Exploratory expeditions, etc.

> Emergence: boost your partnership opportunities (companies, clusters, etc.)

  • Monitoring of specific European calls for proposals and partnership requests
  • Leading of working groups of local and regional stakeholders

> Support: our project team helps you to ultimately organise, develop and promote your innovation project:

  • Lobbying
  • Search for partners
  • Orientation towards the right funding sources

Valorial is involved in several European projects and offers an array of services and personalised support:

  • AHFES project
  • AURORA project
  • F2F Health Matters project
Régis DEL FRATE - Project Leader
Detection, emergence, project engineering, coordination
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Frédéric NOTEL - Project Manager & Pays de la Loire Delegate
Territorial animation, emergence and setting up of innovative projects
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Fabien LE BLEIS - Project Manager & Western Brittany Delegate
Territorial animation, emergence & projects setting up
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Benoît TRÉBERT - Project Manager & Normandy Delegate
Territorial animation, emergence and setting up of projects
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Adrienne GENTIL - Europe & International Manager
International development, exploratory expeditions, foreign trade shows, European projects
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Setting up a collaborative project is no mean feat. It involves gathering and motivating partners from different backgrounds on the basis of the rough outline of a project. Thanks to the support provided by Valorial, we were able to apply for approval very quickly and focus our attention on key elements to ensure project success: signing a consortium agreement, quantifiable goals and results, etc. The input of Valorial advisers on funding aspects was particularly appreciated: both for drafting the provisional budget (a tricky task in the preliminary stages of a project) and for putting us in contact with funders, resulting in all the partners receiving subsidies for the initially presented amounts. “

R&D Manager for a start-up, Nutrition & Health