The multi-skilled law firm

Meeting with Bertrand Ermeneux, Partner of Avoxa, Valorial’s partner since 2015, who draws your attention to the importance of the consortium agreement.

What is your core business and what markets are you targeting?

Avoxa is a law firm that was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing its clients with personalised, specialised and local advice.

We have opted for a global offer that enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of skills (company law, contract law, tax law, employment law, intellectual property law and public law). By working as a team in a collaborative mode, we aim to offer the most relevant advice to the issues submitted to us.

Due to our geographical location, we assist many leading companies in the Breton agri-food sector with their development projects, including internationally.

As head of the intellectual property department, I am regularly called upon to work on projects involving the research and development of new products, the protection of new processes, support for innovation, the protection of finished products and their promotion in France and abroad. My role is to identify the competitive advantages of companies in order to protect them (trademarks, design protection, business secrets, patents, contractual policy). I also assist my clients in intellectual property litigation.

Why did you choose to become a member of the Valorial Partners Club?

Avoxa is a firm that has been resolutely focused on supporting innovation for 10 years. The agri-food sector is an infinite field of exploration in terms of innovation because it is constantly changing: the evolution of production methods, resources and consumer demands require companies in this sector to be able to bounce back and be very agile. Given our links with companies in the agri-food sector, it seemed natural to support Valorial as a major asset in promoting innovation in this sector.

Ronan Kervadec, Associate Lawyer

What is your vision of innovation?

Our role within the Corporate and Structures practice group consists of assisting managers and their companies in any operation likely to bring growth and promote synergies between economic players with related or complementary activities, through external growth operations (merger with another player, purchase of a start-up for an innovative product, partial contribution of assets, specific partnership, consortium, etc.) or improvement of distribution channels.

At Avoxa, project mode thinking mobilises several skills for each operation, such as a pool dedicated to innovation. Protecting and enhancing intangible assets, securing and perpetuating competitive advantages, organising external growth operations, and promoting distribution channels in France and abroad are the core of our day-to-day activities to enable our clients to remain key players in their markets.


Partner - Intellectual Property Department

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