The Valorial Partners Club

An array of augmented services

We have built lasting partnerships with several economic players selected for their capacity to optimise the chances of success of your innovation projects.
These players form our “Partners Club” and offer a broad array of “augmented” services, complementary to those provided by Valorial.

Funding of investments, tax optimisation (research tax credit, CIR and innovation tax credit, CII), human resources management, information systems alignment, legal protection for innovation, digital strategy and tools, innovation filters, market launch… the members of the Valorial Partners Club are knowledgeable in these wide-ranging topics and many more. Not only can you be put directly in contact with these partners through the Valorial network, you will have the chance to meet them throughout the year at different events such as Valorial’Morning, or during workshops and I2I (Innovation-to-Innovation) meetings during EstiValorial.

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Each member is an integral part of the Valorial community. To venture beyond simply an exchange of visibility, we jointly compile a scalable package: promo pack, networking, joint organisation of Valorial’Morning, Expertises 360, workshops, specific actions…

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