A player in the development of the agri-food sector!

Interview with Claire Ageneau, Vincent Broyé and Olivier Rousseau from KPMG, a long-standing member of the Valorial Partners Club since 2013.

What is your core business?

KPMG is the French leader in public accounting, auditing and consulting. We support innovation and assist food industry professionals at every stage of their development. Our professionals are specialised by market and by sector of activity to be as close as possible to our clients’ problems and to provide them with appropriate and responsive answers.

As a player in the development of the agri-food sector with important references at regional and national level, we position ourselves as a unique partner for all companies seeking innovation. We bring our expertise in areas such as customer relationship improvement, omnichannel model building, industry 4.0, performance management (Lean management), data analysis, robotisation of support functions & fundraising.

KPMG has also dedicated a local team of specialists to assist innovative companies, from the analysis of the project and the development of a business plan, to the search for financing and the activation of tax measures to support innovation (JEI, CIR, CII).

Why did you choose to become a member of the Valorial Partners Club?

Historically, we have worked in close collaboration with key economic players: technology parks, financiers, competitiveness clusters, transfer centres, regional innovation agencies, financial partners, etc. It was therefore quite natural for us to become a partner of Valorial in 2005 in order to continue to develop our close relationships with the main players in the agri-food sector.

In 2013 we joined the Partners Club and then in 2014 we pooled our expertise with Valorial to analyse the innovation performance of agri-food companies. Together, we published the 1st Innovation Barometer of the Agri-food Industry in Western France. The publication of the 2nd edition of the Barometer in 2017 provided a better understanding of the place given to innovation within agri-food companies in the West as well as the means implemented to always “innovate better”. This study was presented at the 11th Valorial conference with the participation of François Bloch, Managing Director of KPMG.

What is your vision of innovation at KPMG?

For KPMG, innovation is a real “passport” to conquer new markets, improve client service and transform operations. With this in mind, KPMG has developed a strong culture of innovation and tools for our professionals to encourage and nurture projects. Ideas for client solutions are heard and echoed in the KPMG Boom Room. The Accelerator is a dedicated space that offers tailored support to develop and implement these client solution ideas.

Thanks to its regional network and its national and international dimension, KPMG has launched two initiatives enabling our clients and partners to exchange and network, and to benefit from cutting-edge expertise in several innovative fields.

Hello Open World is an Open Innovation platform that aims to create and build new business models through a network of innovation leaders, an online community, events and workshops, media « Innovating in Good Company »



The Insights Center is a lab dedicated to supporting our clients in their strategy and digital transformation issues. It is a place for exchange, sharing and co-construction, equipped with the latest technological innovations. With the help of our experts, we organise personalised sessions on issues that are at the heart of our clients’ concerns: AI, RPA, cyber security, blockchain, IOT, cloud, and also the creation of TOMs and digital transformation roadmaps or the design of innovative technological solutions.

Our common vision of supporting innovative companies in the agri-food sector, our shared values and objectives: to help ideas emerge, to encourage exchanges and communities, all parameters that demonstrate the obviousness of this Valorial – KPMG partnership!


Olivier Rousseau - KMPG

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