Generating ideas for an innovative agri-food project

Prior to the innovation process, Valorial helps you to pre-empt tomorrow’s markets and to decipher trends and interpret weak signals for better innovation!


Nurturing your market intelligence

The right info, at the right time, to the right person

> 3 thematic monthly newsletters:

  • Sustainable agricultural production (11 issues a year)
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  • New technologies & operational performance in agri-agro (11 issues a year)
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  • Demand & supply for better eating (11 issues a year)
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> Thematic focuses and zooms:

These consist in in-depth studies (or flash studies) on a key agri-food issue (technologies, markets, etc.)

List of available Focuses – 2024

Stimulating your ideas, helping to spark innovation

> Valorial’Morning: 7 a year
Business breakfast on cross-cutting innovation issues, jointly run with members of the Partner Club

> Valorial’Connection: 8 a year
Thematic day with specialist speakers, jointly organised with our thematic experts

> Valorial symposium, renamed “Success Fooday”: 1 a year
300 to 400 people brought together to explore a key issue through the prism of innovation with workshops, panel sessions, expert talks and testimonials from industry players, a solutions corner, networking, …

> Learning expeditions and trade shows abroad: 2 to 3 a year
Set off on a group trip to discover another country’s (agri)food innovation ecosystem. Make new contacts, identify good practices and expertise. Broaden your horizons and get your fill of inspiration!
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Élise BATTAIS - Innovation Manager
Innovation management, leadership and coordination of cross-functional projects...
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Christophe JAN - Communication & BI Manager
Communication, monitoring, press relations, events, project & members promotion
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I took part in the last Valorial’Connection and found it revitalising and inspiring. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and come back with new ideas to develop with our teams.

A member, Prospecting and Development Manager, Delicatessen sector

As an industrial packaging firm working for the agri-food sector, this was a first for us. We have been experiencing the mutation of the agri-food industry through projects that we develop for it. We are faced with firms’ wishes and fears on a daily basis. There is an overwhelming range of possibilities. I would like to thank your team for their attentiveness, simplicity and friendly manner. We share the same values! Well done to the Valorial team! I sincerely hope you will continue to be driven by the same energy and passion in the future.

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Christelle Héno, Marketing, Communication & Export Manager, Plastobreiz