REAMIT Networking Symposium 2020 “Reducing food waste from farm to fork”

Networking symposium
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05 nov. 2020
De 08H30 à 18H00
Hôtel de Région, 1 rue de la Loire
44200 Nantes

In partnership with Images & Réseaux, and as part of REAMIT (an Interreg North-west Europe project) Valorial would like to invite you to an online Symposium on “reduction of food waste”, on Thursday 5 & Wednesday 6 November 2020
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The REAMIT project proposes to adapt and apply existing innovative technology to food supply chains in North-West Europe to reduce food waste and hence improve resource efficiency.Reducing food waste is a top priority for the European Union, which is committed to halving food waste by 2030 (88 million tonnes or €143 billion of waste per year) by focusing on all stages of the supply chain.

The Audience

This event is expected to bring together 200 European players (food processors, suppliers, researchers, technical centres, etc.) involved in the fight against food waste through innovative solutions.

The event will be in French with simultaneous translation (French-English and English-French) throughout the duration of the event

This Symposium aims to:

  • Raise awareness among agricultural and agri-food stakeholders in the challenges of food waste throughout the value chain, and offer them solutions for concrete action
  • Present the work carried out by the European REAMIT project team: research work aimed at adapting existing innovative technologies (new generation sensors, IoT, big data, etc.) and applying them to the management of the agri-food supply chain
  • Networking internationally, discovering innovative companies on the subject, while having a convivial time

The provisional programme: 4 highlights

Reception from 8:30 am

 1/ Inventory of food losses and wastage in :

Europe : Anne-Laure Gassin, Policy officer at the European Commission

France: Laurence Gouthière, Head of studies on food waste at ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)

2/ Presentation of the REAMIT project work carried out to fight against wastage thanks to innovative technologies (IOT, sensors) in transport

3/ Solutions to fight against losses and food waste from the agricultural upstream, processing, distribution, to consumption:

> with testimonials from : Prince de Bretagne, CTCPA, IDmer, Agromousquetaires, ADRIA développement, ADONIAL, Zéro-gâchis, Comerso, Les Banques Alimentaires de l’Ouest, Ook, Epiceries Nous…etc…

4/ Networking: BtoB meeting sessions to concretize your action plans

5/ Workshop session on Food Waste with international structures working on food waste

Coffee and lunch breaks to continue your exchanges and networking!

A great day of expertise and networking in the colours of Europe not to be missed!

Detailed program & registration, click here

See you soon!

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