Leancure: connected technologies serving the needs of industry. We talked to co-founders Laurent Malgras and Laurent Jager.

What is your core business?

Laurent Malgras: “As you know, improving the productivity of manufacturing lines is a permanent challenge across all industries. Leancure’s goal is to democratise and simplify the measurement of industrial performance by designing a real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES) based on web technology and connected devices. This system, installed on any production line in just one day, is 100% geared towards productivity and visual management.”

Laurent Jager: “Leancure is the brainchild of two experienced engineers, one specialised in embedded software design, the other in activities related to production and production management. Based in Caen, our fledgling business develops a solution for industry in partnership with its clients in order to design a simple, operational tool that best meets field requirements. Our solution, dubbed “Leancure View”, has been installed with different clients for several months, both on high speed automated production lines and on more manually operated lines.”

What services do you offer today?

LM: “To meet the requests of some of our clients, in particular in the agri-food sector, Leancure has broadened its offering by developing a traceability module which, when coupled with the MES module, will allow full tracking of batches of components used, as well as quality measurements of samples taken during production. Regular project reviews are organised with the clients to ensure that the system perfectly matches their requirements and fits with the processes used on a daily basis in their factories.”

What stage are you at in your development?

LJ: “Several installations both in the agri-food sector and other sectors, including the automotive industry, are scheduled for September.

New features are also set to be developed to reinforce the system’s efficiency. It is nevertheless of the utmost importance to us here at Leancure to keep our solution simple to use to ensure that operators are able to independently make ongoing improvements to the results of the production line they operate.”

What made you decide to join Valorial?

LM: “We joined only recently, this is our first year as a member. The dynamic team and the number, variety and quality of events on offer were real selling points for us. The initial feedback is very positive, we attended a few events at which we were able to talk to several industry players and secure contracts.”


Laurent Malgras - LEANCURE

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