15 years at the service of agri-food innovation!

25 August 2022 by Christophe JAN
bandeau 15 ans

15 years ago, on 20 October 2005, the constitutive General Assembly of Valorial was held. 15 years of collaboration and collective intelligence at the service of agri-food innovation, 15 years and 490 labelled projects, for a total of €1 billion invested. 328 projects financed, with €3 of public funding for every €3 contributed by consortia members. 15 years of great success stories and as many unique human adventures.

15 years later, Valorial is now a community of 360 members and 4000 “innovators”, a mobilised management team that is more than ever ready to listen to you, a network with deep roots in its 3 territories, in Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire, which is now taking you to the European stars and beyond.

A big thank you to all those who have given their time to give birth and grow this beautiful idea which consisted in better innovating by making companies, researchers, technical centres and public financiers work together more.

“Happy birthday to Valorial and congratulations to the whole team and to its illustrious presidents Michel Houdebine and Pierre Weill, who have made this great adventure possible. Fifteen years is still an adolescent age for an innovation approach that must be part of a long-term process to help companies make sustainable and accessible transitions for the quality food of tomorrow, and which must also remain a pleasure.” Eric Philippe, President of Valorial


“Already 15 years old? Happy birthday Jean-Luc to you and your teams. Congratulations on the excellent work done for the benefit of companies. Thank you for the direct exchanges and within the partners’ club.”
Kadoan Robet, Deputy Director of the CIC Corporate Market, member of the Valorial Partners Club

“A wonderful job with real added value! Well done!”
Christophe Vasseur, Managing Director, South Europe – Solina Group

“Bravo and happy birthday 🎁 “
Alexandrine Pingel, Director of Scientific Business Development, Oniris

“Happy birthday to Valorial I remember well that first lively GA, the creative beginning! We had to convince many people to move forward, that it was a good idea …. Since then, recognition and a lot of ground has been covered. Well done to all!”
Jean-Paul Simier, Financial and Economic Analyst – Agricultural Market – Crédit Agricole d’Ille-et-Vilaine

“Congratulations on the work accomplished and the collaborations that have emerged. Already 15 years? I haven’t seen the time go by.”
Vincent Lafaye, Managing Director CEO, Foodinnov Group

“Happy birthday!!!”
Laurent Augier, Managing Director, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

“Congratulations to all this great team and to Jean Luc. I am always moved to have accompanied you and even more to have grown together. Well done to all of you”.
Hélène Le Brun, HR Manager – Professional Coach

“Inspiring seen from here in Quebec your initiative of collaborative innovation in concrete action. Good luck to you!”
Stéphane Pipon, Founder, MDI Conseils et Technologies

“Happy birthday, you don’t look your age 😏🎉 “
Sergio Capitao Da Silva, Managing Director, ID4CAR

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