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Idena :

A different kind of animal nutrition

Based in Sautron, Idena specialises in the assessment and engineering of animal nutrition.
The company has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy to design animal nutrition that differs from the norm, as well as to improve technical and financial performance while constantly producing quality food products for different industrial sectors (food manufacturers, food industry sectors, etc.)
Idena is:
- A team of multilingual veterinary consultants and engineers who are specialists in different business areas (technology transfer, practical support, innovation)
- A profession: animal nutrition assessment and engineering, with bespoke services (audit, consultancy, technology transfer, technical support, innovative sectors and products)
- Outward looking and internationally active in over 25 countries worldwide, through food industry subsidiaries.
(food manufacturers, animal breeders, retail, food industry)
- Constant quest for innovation and food safety
To provide different business sectors (farmers, food industry, etc.) and consumers with healthy, high-quality and safe food.
- Independence through an international network strategy.
(R&D, technology, raw materials, universities, research centres)