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Tallec :

Traditional flavours

Tallec is a purveyor of cured meats that employs a team of 175. For over 60 years they have made cooked meats renowned for their delicious flavour.
In addition to their closely-guarded production processes, Tallec uses fresh meat, including Label Rouge pork, and natural ingredients (vegetables, onions, parsley, untreated milk, spices, etc.). Tallec mixes its pâtés by hand in stoneware dishes to improve the absorption of flavours. Our traditional hams are matured slowly, handmade and salted, then cloth-wrapped and slowly cooked with their bones in a vegetable stock...
In their standard ranges (hams, traditional terrines, garnished meats), seasonal products (terrines of game terrine, terrine with mushrooms, spring terrine, etc), or Christmas specials (ballotines, stuffed poultry, white pudding, etc.), Tallec always applies the same industrial craftsmanship.
Tallec is present in every corner of France, French overseas territories, and even in several European countries.