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New projects

From the idea ... to the innovation project
From the idea ... to the innovation project  

Valorial Sector Commissions

Valorial relies on its network of Sector Managers and Area Managers to create and launch collaborative R&D projects for certification.
In addition to the professional relationship with the project backers (contacts, meetings), the Sector Managers also coordinate the sector commissions in cooperation with Valorial.
Every year, Valorial provides members with over 20 information meetings, opportunities for discussion with research and development centres, as well as other economic players in the food industry. Real breeding grounds for ideas, our sector commissions are designed to bring “distanced” stakeholders together around problems and/or projects that may present common ground and lead to future collaboration.
Sector Commissions are organised through the cooperation of two individuals who are essential to seeing the event goes smoothly : a sector manager and a commission chairman from industry.


Hélène Le Pocher, CRITT Santé Bretagne
& Frédéric Bernard, Zoopôle Développement


Roland Conanec, CBB Développement


- Dominique Thuault, ADRIA Développement


Christophe Hermon, CTCPA
[> contact 


Jean-Erik Blochet, Zoopôle Dévelopement
& Anne-Emmanuelle Le Minous, ADRIA Développement


Serge Mabeau, Vegenov


Henry Freulon, Pôle Agronomique Ouest


Marie-Pierre Cassagnes, Pôle Agronomique Ouest
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Thierry Varlet, Breizpack


Marketing and innovation committee
Marketing and innovation committee  

Marketing and Innovation Committee.

The food of the future will be viable only if it meets the needs (explicit or otherwise) of a market, and its buyers (consumers, middle-men, etc.).

Valorial’s Marketing & Innovation Committee is made up of over 20 employees from the cluster’s members.
Its objective : to identify the signals or information that will enable members to prepare for the markets of the future (strategic marketing) in terms of product characteristics, distribution channels, and types of customer.
It is the perfect place to air concerns and set priorities through :
- quarterly workshops with speaker (open to all members)
- annual Valorial conference, organised with the Isogone awards for foodstuff innovation in Brittany.

The committee places the market at the heart of the project !

> Contact : Jean-Luc Perrot


Our “project” groups

Workgroups are often the result of our themed commissions, and may be created to meet a specific need expressed by our members (in industry or research) and to work together to solve a mutual problem. 5 groups are currently coordinated by the cluster or its sector manager.

“Baked Goods” workgroup

Managed by the Pays de Loire Area Manager and the PAO (Pôle Agronomique Ouest), this workgroup was formed in 2008 and brings together members of industry and the research community in the baked goods sector. The group works on various issues: nutritional profiles, new contaminants, energy savings in ovens, glycemic index, and aroma quality, etc.
> Contact: Viviane Kerlidou & Stéphan Rouverand

“Senior Health” workgroup

Managed by CRITT Santé Bretagne (in partnership with Rennes Chamber of Commerce), this workgroup includes over 50 stakeholders from industry and research as “Seniors” is a major target for innovation in the food and equipment industries.
> Contact: Hélène Le Pocher

“Vegetable Byproducts” workgroup

Managed by Vegenov in partnership with CBB Development, this workgroup is made up of over 30 producers, businesses, ingredient producers, and green extraction companies, etc.
> Contact:Serge Mabeau and Gaëlle Leroy

Biomarkers in Human Nutrition Project Group

This inter-cluster workgroup is jointly managed by CRITT Santé Bretagne and the NSL (Nutrition, Health, Longevity) cluster. Formed in 2011, the workgroup carries out state of the art actions in the health sector (intestinal and immunity, weight control, satiety, anti-oxidants, cardiovascular, cognitive function, etc.) as well as facilitating new collaborative projects between members of the two clusters.
> Contact: Hélène Le Pocher and Pôle NSL

Basse-Normandie Seafood workgroup

Jointly managed with Pôle Mer Bretagne, this workgroup was formed in December 2010. Its aim is to manage the sector through a series of annual meetings that propose areas of research for its members that are related to their business.
> Contact: Emmanuelle Leflemme and Pôle Mer

Special themes* may be put forward by these workgroups, which are sources of new Valorial certified projects!

*Exploratory research that provides the latest news on scientific developments, regulations, financial issues, and technology on a range of subjects and themes identified during the specific Commissions.