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Examination of your projects
Examination of your projects  

Welcome to the Valorial project factory!

Is your project suitable for the support framework provided by Valorial ?

Eligibility criteria (prerequisites)

> Fit in with the cluster’s themes : the project must be on human foodstuffs and fall under one of the cluster’s four themes : Innovative technology / Food safety / animal and human health and nutrition / functional ingredients
> Include collaboration : a project must include at least two partners from industry and one from academic research or a technology centre
> Be innovative : the project must create value and contribute to the partners’ growth

What to do

Valorial acts as your guide through the three main stages in launching your project up to when funding is obtained :
- formalising the partnership : find the skills needed for the project’s success
- building the project : advice and tools for developing the programme, including providing the necessary conditions for a successful partnership (industrial protection, market identified, sensitive issues identified, results evaluated, etc.)
- compiling project : using a guide that covers the main issues for the project’s success


Once per month, the Certification Committee meets to evaluate a project for certification, in front of the project backer and following assessment by one of our sector managers .


Valorial then presents the project to members of the Investors’ Committee in an effort to secure funding.