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Technical consulting

Collaborative & "coopetitive"
Collaborative & "coopetitive"  

Assistance with project design and identifying competences

Whenever you have an idea for an R&D project, we are at hand to identify the industrial and scientific competences that will make it a successful project, and give your partnership some real added value.
Once the partners have been identified, Valorial stands alongside you as you draft the content of your projects and prepare to present it to the Certification Committee.
We also provide support in drafting the consortium agreement.
Valorial and the INPI have signed a partnership agreement to promote and raise awareness of intellectual property among the cluster’s members, an essential tool in securing a good return on investment from R&D.

“It isn’t easy to set up a joint project as we have to bring together partners from very different backgrounds and motivate them to work on the very beginnings of a project. The launch assistance provided by Valorial enabled us to submit a certification request very early on, and drew our attention to just what makes a successful project : signing a consortium contract, quantifiable objectives and results, etc. The support received from Valorial advisors came in extremely useful for funding : firstly when calculating the provisional budgets (which is never easy in the earliest stages of a project), and then when contacting financial backers which resulted in all of our partners receiving the levels of subsidies that we had originally predicted”

Marylise Beaucreux, Food Project engineer, Nutrionix